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SSB Widely Known As Services Selection Board Interview Is To Evaluate And Assess The Potential And Capabilities Of Candidates To Churn Out Cream For Armed Forces Of India. The Army, The Air Force And The Navy.

To fit into SSB criterion, ANAND CLASSES - ARMED FORCE ACADEMY prepares you for Competition. We ensure you crack SSB with planning, ground-work training and confidence. ANAND CLASSES - ARMED FORCE ACADEMY works on your passion to intensify your readiness to join Defense Services. Our multi-dimensional training enhances your intellectual, mental, interpersonal, physical and social skills. Our SSB Coaching & Training Program is structured systematically to build strong candidates who can work in stressful environment with 100% efficiency. Our SSB module is based on three pillars training, assessment and feedback.

An SSB interview is mainly a Psychological test of the applicant’s personality test, and also to analyze his/her potential as an Officer of Indian Military in future.
The key purpose of SSB Interview is to test the mental and standpoint limit of the candidate who is applying for this post. This SSB Interviews won't simply judge your insightful aptitudes however will in like manner check your complete information about social and current issues. The SSB Board decisively visually examines at qualities, e.g. Activity, judgment capacities, predictable deduction and social attributes. 

SSB Exam Schedule

The Five-Days intelligence and personality test schedule is as under:

• Day 1:- Primary Intelligence Test.
• Day 2:- Psychological Test.
• Day 3 and Day 4:- Group Testing Officers (GTO) Activities.
• Day 5:- Conference.

Tips to prepare for SSB Exam:

Reach Before the 1st Date of SSB: You should reach before the 1st date of SSB so that you will get the detailed knowledge of Five day schedule. Also you can prepare yourself for five days schedule for SSB.

Maintain Confidence:You should believe in your capabilities. You must be positive thinker and fully confidence after all, you are choosing for SSB among various applicants. So that you should maintain your confidence level.

The 1st Day: On the principal day of the timetable, essential knowledge and verbal and non-verbal thinking aptitudes are examined. You are solicited to see a photo of 30 seconds duration of time and you have to elaborate it in a story structure. After that, Group discussions among various candidates are held to choose the most appropriate story. To do best in this area, experience the most recent couple of years' question papers to get a thought. You should solve papers of various quantitative aptitude tests. Get included in Group Discussion and debates at whatever point you get time. These will enhance your verbal and non-verbal ability.

Practice Analyzing and Writing: Work on writing on anything you see around you, for example, the kid playing in the recreation center or the young lady on a school transport. Compose little stories and screen your timing. The story ought to incorporate seven parameters, for example, sex, age, mind-set, character, present, past, and future of a circumstance that the character of your story is in. Examine the story.

Tips for Group Discussion Session: Don’t look at the SSB officers while you narrating your story and soon after finishing it. | Maintain your non-verbal communication. | In Group Discussion, do not panic and argue. | Permit others to talk, including the weaker ones. | Wait for the opportune time to put in the solid purposes of the story that you have composed. | Try to be effectively present in the examination so that the officers notice you.

The 2nd Day: The second day is considered vital. Word Association Test (WAT), Thematic Appreciation Test (TAT), Self Description and Self Description Situation Reaction Test (SRT) are attempted, all of which are the part of mental procedure. These are all broad brain research tests that request your broad consideration and concentration. 

Self-description: Ability to analyze oneself. | Determination in life and Aim | Thinking and mindset with respect to your parents, family, companions, neighbors, instructors and others.

Preparations for next Two days: Group Testing Officers (GTO) exercises led on the 3rd and 4th days incorporate different indoor and open air various group exercises like Group Obstacle Race, Group Planning, Group Discussion, and Progressive Group Tasks. The individual errands comprise of Individual Obstacles, Individual Lecturette, and Command Tasks. These tests are directed to assess you as a cooperative person in different circumstances as additionally as a person. It additionally evaluates your administration qualities and the way you convey yourself. Perform every one of the undertakings in a calm way and made way.

Persanal Interview: The SSB interviewers can take Interview (PI) on any day b/w 2nd to 4th days, so you should be prepared mentally for any time personal interview.

Last SSB Day: The fifth day for the most part contains shutting address by the board's Deputy President, meeting and declaration of results, trailed by dispersal.

ANAND CLASSES Training Approach Towards SSB Exam

• Flexible timing of SSB training classes for applicants who can't go for batches at regular time.

• Exclusive SSB classes are at weekend for working students. 

• 100+hours preparing including Individual Personality Development for SSB.

• Professional judgement of Weaknesses, Strengths and Values to empower possibility to get chose in SSB Exam.

• Structural SSB training to candidates so that reaches up to their success point.

• Practice for SSB Group Tasks, Psychological Tests and Interview.

• Individual execution advising.

• Provision of core syllabus SSB Study material.

• Small size SSB Batches groups for personal consideration.

CPSS (Computerized Pilot selection System)

Computerized Pilot Selection System Test also known as CPSS test is now in full effect and already replacing the well known PABT test to select the best candidates for Indian air force flying branch that was in use for decades.
The system will be used to screen pilots for all flying branches of IAF, Army, Navy and the Coast Guard.


It is now confirmed that the CPSS test is already replacing the PABT test at AFSBs across the country, ANAND CLASSES is the first to offer training for CPSS with CPSS like games, advanced flight simulation equipment, including complete cockpit experience, monitors, joystick controls, rudder controls etc. to offer candidates the experience of the crucial CPSS test. Training for CPSS at ANAND CLASSES will prepare the candidate for the CPSS experience at AFSB. Practice makes perfect and with ample practice, similar test games, controls and cockpit experience, just like at the AFSB, our students are ready to take on CPSS. 
CPSS training has started and been integrated with PABT training ANAND CLASSES. This is a one day training under a retired Wing Commander from the I.A.F. PABT+CPSS training will be held on 10th, 20th and 30th of every month when the Academy is functioning i.e. at the end of the term.

Charges for PABT+CPSS training Rs. 2500 (For Students also taking up SSB training course at ANAND CLASSES)

Charges for PABT+CPSS training Rs. 4500 (For Students coming from outside only for PABT/CPSS)

What is CPSS?
CPSS is an intelligent tool for pilot aptitude testing in consonance with the advanced IAF aircrafts like Su-30, Tejas etc. It has been jointly developed by the Defence Institute of Psychological Research and the Air Defence Establishment; premier organizations of the Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO).
Fifth generation fighter planes would place tremendous physical and mental workload on pilots and system operators and only the best will be allowed to occupy these cockpits. CPSS, is a concrete step in the right direction towards meeting these objectives.
CPSS was intended to address the IAF’s long-standing demand for a scientific selection system on par with advanced nations, which can screen pilot aspirants to meet the demands of the latest aircraft.
CPSS places special emphasis on psychomotor skills and cognitive abilities of aspirants. It ensures objectivity in results. 

Only one chance in CPSS Test

Just like in the PABT test, candidate will get only one chance to clear the CPSS test.  Once failed, the test cannot be taken again and the candidate can never be eligible for flying in the armed forces (Air force, army, navy or coast guard). Aspirants will get only one chance to take the test under the Computerized Pilot Selection System.


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